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Countless Hours Dedicated to
Minor Hockey and  Minor Fastball

Evva (Ev) MacKay was an important cog in both the Wetaskiwin Minor Hockey Association and the Wetaskiwin and District Minor Fastball Association during the years that she was involved in the administration of these organizations.  Ev and her husband Don moved to Wetaskiwin from Camrose in 1967 and they and their children participated in community and school sports and other activities within the city.

In 1968, Ev was contacted by Ralph Pocock and asked if she would help out with minor hockey.  The association needed someone to serve as secretary and Ev agreed. Shortly after Ralph approached Ev with another request, a secretary-treasurer was required for a new Midget Hockey League and again, Ev agreed. 


 The role expanded very quickly and she soon found herself assisting Ralph and Julius Fodor, the Recreation Director, with the drafting of a constitution, rules and regulations; registering the players, coaches and managers and drawing up the schedule.  Because no one else volunteered, she became the League Statistician.  All of this involved many phone calls and much paperwork.  Ev became the main contact person for the League.  Ev served as secretary for minor hockey from 1968 to 1975, adding the role of Treasurer in 1970.  For her years of volunteering and her major contributions, the Minor Hockey Association presented Ev with an engraved silver tray during the intermission of a Colonels Hockey game in 1974. 

From 1970 to 1976, Ev volunteered with the Wetaskiwin and District Minor Fastball Association serving as Secretary-Treasurer.  However her roles within this program were multiple and more demanding.  She and the President, Jerry Greene, were the driving forces of the organization. 

Enormous Commitment - Unselfish Service

Evís duties included the following:  registering over 330 boys each year; procuring team sponsors thereby ensuring uniforms, equipment and financial support; recruiting and assigning coaches, managers, assistants, umpires and scorekeepers; assigning players to the teams attempting to guarantee a distribution of pitchers and catchers and parity; drafting rules, regulations and procedures; drawing up schedules; gathering and recording statistics; arranging and supervising playoffs; selecting players (with the help of the coaches) who were to play on the Wetaskiwin teams in Provincial playoffs and then registering these players according to the strict regulations of the Alberta Softball Association; travelling to other centers acting as chaperon or team assistant at Provincial tournaments. 

When Wetaskiwin hosted Provincials, Evís duties increased.  She arranged and managed the Provincial playoffs and acted as Official Scorekeeper.  In addition, every year, Ev organized a Wind-Up Party at the end of the season for all of the league players and their parents (around 500 people in total).  For her exceptional contributions Ev was presented with an Outstanding Service Award that was signed by the Presidents of the Canadian Amateur Softball Association and Alberta Amateur Softball Association.

Many fastball teams from Wetaskiwin competed and won Provincial championships.  The program produced some outstanding players, several of whom went on to Nationals and the Worlds and even went on to play on professional teams.  Ev is very proud of the role played by the Wetaskiwin Minor Fastball Association in the development and the successes of the young men.  Ev should be proud of her role for without her dedication and effort, this might not have happened.  The same can be said about her position in the Wetaskiwin Minor Hockey Association.

Evva, we applaud your commitment and the countless hours that you dedicated to minor hockey and minor fastball in Wetaskiwin.  The community appreciates your hard work and unselfish service and is proud to present you with this Special Award ensuring your place in the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame. 





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