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Dedicated Sports Reporter & Publisher

Bert Taylor was born and raised in Paynton, Saskatchewan. His editorial / newspaper career began in North Battleford in 1943. He then moved to the Camrose Canadian in 1950 where he worked for fourteen years. From there he went to Medicine Hat where he spent four years. In 1968  he was asked to fulfill the publisher’s job at the Wetaskiwin Times newspaper.

Bert Taylor is being recognized for his contributions and his involvement to the sporting community from two aspects. The first aspect is that of publisher - reporter - photographer with the Wetaskiwin Times from 1968 to 1985. The second aspect is that of a citizen and resident in the city of Wetaskiwin.

Publisher - Reporter - Photographer
for Wetaskiwin Times 1968 to 1985

Upon arriving in Wetaskiwin he spent his first night at the Driard Hotel. There he met Bob MacDonald, the manager of the hotel, who was a promoter of the Colonels Hockey team. Bert soon realized that being the new “head man” of the newspaper he would do well to take advantage of Bob’s knowledge of the Colonels and all other groups that existed in the City of Wetaskiwin.

Within a short period of time he met Bob Colborne who was the president of the Colonel Hockey team. Bert was extended an invitation to attend the executive meetings which gave him the insight into the workings of the local hockey team. With this insight into the Colonel's organization, Bert felt that as the publisher of the Times he was the most logical person to attend all of the local games, take pictures of the action on the ice and write the stories for the next edition. Bert felt that as publisher he had an obligation to bring Colonels hockey through the newspaper to the community.

Bert remembers fondly some of those players who played an important role during the “glory days” of the Colonels. Mr. Hockey - Jerry Greene, John Shillabeer, Ross MacEachern, Harold Maciborski just to name a few.

Two close friends of Bert’s, Bud Siler and Arnold Hoyme, time keeper and statistician, also never missed a game. If Bert missed anything these two were able to give him a minute to minute summary that would cover any gaps that he needed to complete his story.

Bert Worked Late Into the Night
to Ensure Current Sports News

Bert Taylor must be recognized for a lasting item in the sports history of the Colonels. The Wetaskiwin Times published a front page article with photo April 12, 1972, “COLONELS TAKE TWO TITLES”. The photo was that of Captain Jerry Greene hoisting the Newsome Trophy. The photo was taken after 11:00 pm on Tuesday. The photo and  a written article appeared in the Times edition the very next morning (Wednesday). Now that is dedication! Due to the excellent coverage that he provided in the paper, he contributed to many scrapbooks and archive articles. This effort provides the ongoing history of sports in Wetaskiwin and community.

Bert Taylor not only covered the Colonels but he gave equal coverage to all other community groups such as 4H, Men’s and Minor fastball - league and provincial/national playoffs and championships. He covered pro fastball (Car Capitals), school sports, as well as other minor sports such as hockey.

Volunteering in the City of Wetaskiwin

For five years Bert was Chair of the North Am Carnival, which at the time was a major sporting event in Wetaskiwin. Bert Taylor was also a member of the Kiwanis Club which provided him with the opportunity to give back to the community that he served and to appreciate the value that Service Clubs could provide a community.

Bert Taylor had a great passion for his job and a great passion for the community in which he lived and is a worthy recipient of this Special Award.






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