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Stockdog Trainer
World Sheepdog Champion 1987
50+ Stockdog Championships and Awards
Instructor Stockdog Training Clinics & Seminars

In 1981 Elvin Kopp married his wife Jan and they settled at their newly purchased “That’ll Do Ranch” near Westerose Alberta.  Raising cattle was one of their ventures and after time Elvin decided that he would like to have some help dealing with his cattle. Consequently, a year after he started his life as a rancher Elvin attended a dog training clinic (1982).  When he saw what a stockdog could do he was “hooked”.  He bought a Border Collie pup at the clinic and started training his protégé.  In 1984, two years later, Elvin entered his first competition and three years after that (1987) he was the World Sheepdog Champion, a meteoric rise to the top.  During his time competing, Elvin trained eleven different dogs to championships.

 Competing against the top handlers from across North America in his first competition, the Alberta Open International Sheepdog Trials, Elvin’s results weren’t great but in the ensuing seven years (1985-1992) Elvin was Champion  at the Alberta Open International Trials five times.  He entered both sheepdog and cattle dog competitions and was named “Handler of the Year” for both divisions for five years (1986-1991).  Elvin also won Super Dog of the Year (best dog in both sheepdog and cattle dog categories)  for the five years (1986-1991) that this award was presented. 

Handler of the Year in Two Divisions
Won Super Dog of the Year

2011 Reserve Champion at the Calgary
Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity 

Fifty Personal Championships and Awards

Included in the championships that Elvin has won are:  World Sheepdog Championships 1987; Western Canadian Sheepdog Trials Champion 1988; Red Bluff Cross Country Cowdog Championships  2006 and United States Border Collie Handlers Association, Nursery Cowdog Champion and Reserve Open Cowdog Champion 2007.  Besides these titles, Elvin was Reserve Champion four times at the Calgary Stampede (1998-2001)   Locally, Elvin has won the Lakedell Fair Stockdog Trials five times since 1995. 

Another interest of Elvin’s is training and competing with cutting horses and he has been involved in this endeavor for ten years.   In 2011 Elvin was Reserve Champion at the Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity. 

Besides competing, Elvin has shared his knowledge and skills in stockdog training.  For twenty-five years Elvin has hosted an average of two stockdog training clinics per year at his ranch and has instructed at numerous dog training seminars across North America.  He has instructed two week-ends a year at three Agricultural Colleges: Olds College for five years, Fairview College for four years and Lakeland College for nine years.  Elvin also produced a set of stockdog training DVD’s that have been on the market since 1989 and continue to be marketed throughout the world.  As well, Elvin hosted and organized the Lakedell Fair Stockdog Trials from 1983-2003. 

Border Collies: Slate, Jed, Pete, the Mainstay of
Cattle Handling at
“That’ll Do Ranch”

Elvin has also judged many of the major sheepdog trials throughout North America including the Meeker Sheepdog Championships in Colorado; the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Championships in Utah; the Blue Grass Sheepdog Championships in Kentucky and the USMA National Finals in South Dakota.   

Elvin’s passion for stockdog training and competing has resulted in  a total of over fifty personal Championships and Awards.  His border collies have become the mainstay of cattle handling at his ranch and a viable part of his business.  Over 6000 dog/handler combinations have benefitted from Elvin’s expertise  at clinics and seminars. These achievements are more than worthy of Elvin’s induction into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.





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