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2015 Inductees
Perry Flynn
Falun Fastball


INDUCTEE 2015 - TEAM - Falun Boys Fastball Teams
1987 Bantam "A" - 1988 Bantam ďAĒ - 1990 Midget ďAĒ


Provincial Champions 1987
Provincial Champions 1988
Silver Medalists Westerns 1988
Provincial Champions 1990
Canadian Championship Participants 1990

In 1980, a group of five and six year-old boys started playing fastball together at Falun.  They practiced, played games and attended tournaments.  When they were eight and nine years-old they started playing competitively at the Squirt Level and entered the zone play downs.  As Squirts they won the Provincial Championship in 1984 and again in 1985 as Peewees.  The core of this group played together up to the Midget Level.  As Bantams they won the Provincials in 1987 and 1988 and as Provincial Champions they represented Alberta at the Western Canadians both years.  At Westerns, in 1987, they placed fourth and in 1988 the team won the Silver Medal.  As Midgets in 1990 they again won the Provincial Championship and then went on to represent Alberta at the Canadian Championships.  All in all, it was an exceptional achievement for a group of boys from the small community of Falun.  Credit also goes to the coaches and the managers for their expert guidance of these boys through the years.

1987 Falun Bantam "A" Boys Fastball Team
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1988 Falun Bantam "A" Boys Fastball Team
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1990 Falun Midget "A" Boys Fastball Team
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1987 was the first year that the boys were eligible to go beyond the Provincial Championships to the Western Canadian Championships.  At the start of the season the thirteen Falun Bantam  Boys set a goal to win Provincials and go on to Westerns.  They made a commitment to attend practices twice a week and attend tournaments in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Red Deer and Calgary.  They didnít win all of the tournaments but always made it into the playoff rounds.  The 1987 Provincials were played at Falun and the boys went through the round robin undefeated.  They won the semi-final game and then defeated Lloydminster 5-3 in the final to advance to the Western Canadians.  Westerns were hosted by Red Deer with teams from BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and the Yukon.  Falun went five wins and three losses in the round robin, advanced to the playoff round but lost two straight and ended up fourth.  That loss fueled their desire to do better the next year.

Team of Thirteen Players Make Play-off
Rounds at Western Canadian Championships

In 1988 when the snow disappeared and the ball diamonds were ready, the hockey sticks were put away and the ball gloves came out.  With half of the 1987 team returning they all know what the mission and goal was.  After experiencing the 1987 Western Canadians, they all knew that more game experience was necessary so they entered the South Edmonton Rural Menís Fastball League.  As young fourteen and fifteen year-olds, playing against men might sound frightening but they held their own.

Teenagers Show the Men
What They are Made Of

The experience of playing in the menís league as well as attending five tournaments paid off.  When the Provincial playoffs came along they felt prepared.  In the double knockout format, the team lost one of the early games which meant they had to win every game after that.  To win, on the final day the team had to play four games, one after the other. They won three in and row and made it to the finals.  The game was tied at the top of the seventh inning and the winning run was scored on a passed ball to home plate.  Falun won 4 to 3.

Winning the Provincials and representing Alberta in Winnipeg for the Western Canadians was a new experience for some but a repeat for the 1987 returnees.  With teams again from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and Manitoba, and the host team, the stage was set.  Falun finished second in the round robin and defeated BC in the semifinals giving them a berth in the final game. In a hard fought battle, they were defeated by Saskatchewan and won the silver medal.

In 1990 when the first ball practice was called, thirteen Midget-aged boys showed up at the diamond to play for the Falun team.  Some players were from the Falun Bantam teams and some were new to the group.  The experience and competitiveness of having played in the South Edmonton Rural Fastball League for the past two years proved valuable both during the season and in the Provincial playoffs.  This group of boys were well respected not only in Midget Tournaments across the province but where ever they played.  In the Provincial play downs the Falun boys went undefeated playing with complete confidence and no errors. 

Undefeated in Provincial Play-Downs

Representing Alberta and playing in the National Championship in Milverton, Ontario was a real experience and thrill for these boys and coaches.  There were ten teams from British Columbia to Newfoundland representing every province except Quebec and the Northwest Territories.  Falun made the playoff round in the National Championships but only had one life and lost the first game.  They ended up tied for 5th and 6th, quite an accomplishment for these thirteen boys when compared to some of the other teams in the championships.  For example, the Ontario team (a team that had played in Falun against these boys in 1985 as PeeWees) had 250 boys try out for their team!

This group of boys was special.  Not only did they excel on the ball diamond, they were considered top athletes within their schools and also at the hockey rink.  Nine of them have already been inducted in 2012 into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame as members of the 1987 and 1988 Wetaskiwin Legion 86Ďs Bantam ďAĒ Hockey Teams that won the Provincial Championships. 

We recognize the exceptional accomplishments of these three Falun teams by inducting them into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to the players, managers and coaches for their dedication and achievements. 

1987 Falun Bantam ďAĒ Fastball Team: Darcy Rode, Trenton Heilman, Randy Begg, Kevin Cole, Kris Ganske, Derry Burghardt, Lenny Cooper, Todd Pearson, Clyde Hannay, Darcy Elder, Craig Brown, Travis Hauger, Jon Durstling, Mgr-Rolly Begg, Assít Coach-Daryn Breitkreuz, Coach-Brian Brown

1988 Falun Bantam ďAĒ Fastball Team: Darcy Rode, Trenton Heilman, Randy Begg, Kevin Cole, Kris Ganske, Derry Burghardt, Lenny Cooper, Todd Pearson, Clyde Hannay, Rob Hartnell, Neil Brown, Kerry Kijewski, Harlan Hannay, Mgr-Rolly Begg, Assít Coach-Lorn Ganske, Assít Coach-Brent Harden, Coach-Brian Brown

1990 Falun Midget ďAĒ Fastball Team: Darcy Rode, Trenton Heilman, Randy Begg, Kevin Cole, Kris Ganske, Derry Burghardt, Rob Hartnell, Neil Brown, Curtis Palmer, Rob Hardy, Tim Reeves, Cheynne Law, Jeff Gross, Mgr-Rolly Begg, Assít Coach-Lorne Ganske, Assít Coach-Lorne rode, Coach-Brian Brown

Team Members Include:  Randy Begg (87,88,90), Derry Burghardt (87,88,90), Kevin Cole (87,88,90), Kris Ganske (87,88,90), Trenton Heilman (87,88,90), Darcy Rode (87,88,90), Lenny Cooper (87, 88), Clyde Hannay (87,88), Todd Pearson (87,88), Darcy Elder (87), Craig Brown (87), Travis Hauger (87), Jon Durstling (87), Neil Brown (88,90), Rob Hartnell (88,90), Harlan Hannay (88), Kerry Kijewski (88), Jeff Gross (90), Rob Hardy (90), Cheynne Law (90), Curtis Palmer (90), Tim Reeves (90),  Coach-Brian Brown (887,88,90), Assistant Coach-Daryn Breitkreuz (87), Assistant Coach-Lorne Ganske (88,90), Assistant Coach-Brent Harden (88), Assistant Coach-Lorne Rode (90), Manager-Rolly Begg (87,88,90) (Click Photos Above to view Team and Names of Players)





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