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INDUCTEE 2018 - ATHLETE  - Jerry Bremner


Acceptance Speech by Jerry Bremner

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

I would like to start off by thanking the Wetaskiwin & County Sports Hall of Fame for my induction. Itís truly a great honor to be put beside so many past inductees from this community. I would like to congratulate the other inductees as well; also thank you, Rick & Sue for my nomination.

My first WPCA race was in High River in 1982, outriding behind none other then Rick Fraser; I guess this is what we call full circle. Thanks again Rick.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many family and friends tonight, every one of you have been a part of the Bremner Racing Team in some capacity. I want to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done. I know I am being recognized tonight, but I feel like it is more about recognizing the people that helped me achieve this incredible honor. To my beautiful wife Donna, my beautiful daughter Jaycee, and my son Shane, words cannot express how grateful I feel to have you stand beside me through all these years. You know I wouldnít be standing up here without you guys. It took a lot of hard work and dedication and you guys were up for the challenge every time. Thank you, I love you.

To our son in law Doug, Doug couldnít be here tonight the poor guy is braving 85 degree temperatures in Phoenix with his buddy Levi, for Leviís stag. But Doug, we do really miss you. Doug outrode for us the last 2 years of my career and done a great job. Doug went from being part of the Bremner Racing Team to part of the Bremner family. We couldnít have asked for a better young man to look after our daughter, thanks for everything Doug.

To my mom Shirley, mom you were there for my first race and my last, for that I feel so blessed. I know you had your hands full through the early years, but you always kept us on track, thanks for everything mom.

To my brother Wayne, thank you for all those springs and summers breaking and training horses. They were some of the best times. We couldnít have done it without you, thanks for everything.

My older brother Carl would be here if he could, somehow I feel he is. What I would do to have one more race down the back road, not even sure who won the last one. Miss you bro.

To my sister Debi, 1972-82 was a blur, but in a good way. Thank you for being there.

My younger sister Chris couldnít be here tonight but I want her to know weíre thinking of her.

To Kerry the best barn boss ever, thanks for the 8 great summers, the horses were your babies. We had many late night runs, you didnít do any driving but you were always there when we got home, well rested I might add.

To Brian and Carolyn, the camp just wasnít the same when you guys werenít there; but you didnít miss many. Thank you for all the hard work you guys put in, never asking for anything. Thanks Brian for having a cool one ready for me after each race.

We had tremendous sponsorship support through all of our years; I am honored to have some of them here tonight.

To the Grahamís, thank you Kim and Colleen, Keith and Laura and all the Trailblazer family for the 20 years of sponsorship and even more the friendship. Nobody knows more then you guys what it took to compete and without you we would have never made it this far.

To Ken and Heather, and everyone at the Cancorp Group. The last dozen years with you guys supporting the team, as Ken would say, has been fabulous. Having all of you guys around our camp will always be cherished memories, so thank you.

I would like to thank every other sponsor that supported the Bremner Racing Team, I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you.

The list could go on and on, all the hired help, farriers, and equine massage therapists. A special thanks to Buck, and Gina for all the hours you spent making sure our horses had perfect feet.

There is no possible way I could name everyone who played a roll in my career, but I have to recognize some guys that absolutely helped shape and mold me into who I am today. Some of these amazing men are gone but definitely not forgotten. As my bio stated my journey began in 1972 outriding for my dad Roy and ended in July 2015 at the Calgary Stampede. I didnít know it then but my dad was quietly teaching us all the things we would need to compete. The hard work, horse care, dedication, and the determination. Thanks dad for giving me everything I would need to succeed. You were taken away before you had a chance to see us win our first World Title but I pray you had the best seat all the way through.

Jim Shield came to our farm in the spring of 1984 and somehow we managed to stay alive through spring training and make it to my first WPCA event in Trochu, AB. I have no idea to this day why it happened but after winning day money the first day and Mother Nature raining us out the second day, I had just won my first show. I know I couldnít have made it there without Jim. Thank you. Jim went on to become one of the best outriders this sport has ever seen, 5 world titles; an extraordinary accomplishment.

I hit the road with very little but it wasnít long till I realized I wasnít alone. Joe King took me under his wing right after Trochu, and I spent the rest of the summer between races at his farm in Bassano. Joe taught me what a helping hand can do to get someone on their way. I canít thank Joe, Judy, and their family enough for an awesome rookie summer. Special thanks to Reo for all the years of riding for us.

I spent the summer of 1987 with George Normand.  George was a fantastic horseman and had a passion for the sport like no other. I made my first Calgary Stampede dash that year. It was Georgeís coaching and support that got me there. I canít thank George, Joey and their family enough for that summer.

Dallas Dorchester was there through it all; from the first day I arrived on the scene till the day he retired. His door was always open. Dallas taught me that making mistakes was not the end of the world. I canít thank Dallas and Shirley and their family enough for giving me a home when I didnít have one. I am so proud and honored to be placed on the same wall as Dallas Dorchester. Special thanks to Quinn for all the years of riding for us.

I would like to thank all the outriders who rode somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 races with me. Special thanks to Jim Shield and Chad Cosgrave for sticking it out with us whether it was first place or last. I would like to thank the WPCA, Calgary Stampede, and the CPCA without them there would be no career.

These days what I miss the most is our amazing horses, the morning walks to the barn, watching them buck and play; loving life. Each and every one of them deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Iím thankful we still have Smooch, Whisper, and Pino to remind us everyday what a unique and special sport we were able to be apart of for 43 years.

Finally the most cherished memories I have are the countless laps around the track, the campfires with my family and friends, and the long midnight hauls reflecting on how that show just went and how to get ready for the next one. Tonight I have one more memory to add to the list.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy this evening!

Your friends and family describe you as a kind and caring couple who are quiet and reserved (except maybe on the curling ice). and good neighbours always willing to help out. Iíve had many comments from Wetaskiwin residents confirming how deserving you are of this recognition; youíve been a popular choice for this award.

Phyllis and Bob, you are indeed positive examples for all in this room and everyone in our community. We salute your family values, your lifelong involvement in spor,t and the volunteer contributions you have made to young people.  Congratulations on your induction into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame. 

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