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2018 Inductees
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Al Clemmer
2006  Sabres Football


INDUCTEE 2018 - BUILDER - Al Clemmer


Lifelong Builder in Recreation & Sport
Community Organizer and Volunteer
Initiator of Community Projects
1957- 2018

In many small Canadian communities there are special people behind the scenes who seem to be involved in everything and silently contribute to the community through their actions and deeds.  Al Clemmer is one of those people.  For the sixty years he has lived in Alder Flats, Al has been the unheralded volunteer that has given so much to the citizens of Alder Flats and the surrounding area.  His contributions started in 1957 with the building of a Community Hall and continue to this day with other projects and activities.  It is because of his selfless dedication and volunteering efforts that Al is being inducted into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.

Octegenarian, Continues to Embrace His
Community After 60 Years of Volunteerism

In 1957, Alís father Dick Clemmer was one of the major spear-headers in building the first Alder Flats Community Centre. Dick enlisted his son Al to help with the building and that became the start of Alís volunteering in Alder Flats. In 1960 Al was on the committee promoting construction of the curling rink that was attached to the Community Centre.  He not only helped with the building of the rink but did most of the running to Edmonton or elsewhere for any requirements.  Once the curling rink was built, Al taught curling to the young kids.  At the time the ice was natural ice and Al was one of the crew that put in the ice every fall and made sure things were prepared for the curling season ahead.  Al was always at the rink cleaning and fixing.  Even so, he did find time to curl.

Al was a member of the group that organized the 1967 Centennial Voyageurs Pack Horse Relay Race.  This was an extensive project that drew over 1000 people.  Besides being the Relay Race starter, he assisted in organizing the barbecue to feed everyone.  From that function the annual Alder Flats Race Meet and Rodeo was created.  Al has volunteered every year since and has ordered the meat and done all the barbecuing for the annual steak dinner.  Additionally, Al helps to maintain the rodeo grounds and assists in the organization of this yearly event.

Fund-Raiser, Supervisor, Alder Flats "Go-to Guy"

Al was also involved in the raising of funds to build a new larger Community Centre with a new curling rink, this time with artificial ice.  Additionally, he obtained the grant for the skating rink and helped to build it.  When the wooden boards of the skating rink were replaced by steel and plastic it was Al who managed this project.  He was at the rink every day supervising and helping out until the project was completed.  Over the years, it was not unusual to see Al flooding and scraping the ice for the skaters.

Besides recreational activities, Al was also involved in other aspects of community life.  Al helped establish the Alder Flats Legion located in the older hall.  He arranged memberships and since the early 70ís he has been caretaker, table setter, cook, and in charge of the barbecue. Al is a key fund raiser along with the McLeods and has held every Legion position including president.  When the roof was blown from the hall, it was Al who guided the building of the new roof.  For a month he was at the hall daily helping and overseeing that everything went according to plan.  As well, the cement picnic tables at Alder Flats Centennial Park were arranged for by Al.  Furthermore, he  raised funds for the Alder Flats Fire Department that were used for the water well and solicited donations of materials for the building of holding tanks. Both the water well and holding tanks are used in fighting fires in the Winfield-Alder Flats area.

The Community Embraces Al Clemmer for His  Dedication, Know-How, and Community Spirit

From day one, Al has been the ďgo toĒ guy in the Alder Flats community.  Besides assisting making and maintaining the curling ice in the original curling rink, at one time or another, Al has maintained most of the community facilities, including the Community Centre, the skating rink, the fitness centre, and the Legion.    This volunteer work of maintaining the facilities has been Alís job for the last twenty-five years, and even though Al is now an octogenarian he is still the one called when there is a problem.  He knows where everything is and how to get things fixed.  Many take Al for granted but he never complains.

The citizens of Alder Flats thank Al for his contributions to the town and we thank him for his contributions to our county.  Al is indeed an example for everyone to emulate that giving back to humankind is such a desirable attribute.  We recognize Al Clemmerís volunteer time, his leadership, his efforts, and his commitment to improving the lives of his neighbours through community events and facilities by inducting him into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.

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