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The development of sport is an integral chapter in the history of this area. We recognize the outstanding contribution of individuals who demonstrate initiative, leadership and dedication through their involvement in sport as coaches, managers, writers, and  administrators.

These men and women build the infrastructure and establish the environment for our sports; they build fields and arenas, teams and leagues; they provide administrative support, guidance, and inspiration.

These builders of sport share a life-long love of sports along with a strong desire to share their attributes with other citizens.  They have unselfishly given their time, energy, and expertise to projects and programs that provide better sporting opportunities for the youth and budding stars of our communities, and in doing so they have often been influential or distinguished themselves at the national or international levels of sport.

The category of Builder formally recognizes those individuals who have selflessly and tenaciously devoted themselves to advancing and enhancing our sporting environments and opportunities.

Inductee 20

Marilyn Snedden

Marilyn Snedden has been a volunteer in sports for almost fifty years!  She has volunteered as a Coach, Manager, Zone Rep and Sports Rep in Softball, Ringette, Female Hockey, Male Softball/Fastpitch and Hockey throughout Alberta. She has also served as a Board Member or administrator for various sports organizations in our community.  Because of her volunteer efforts in Alberta, she has already been inducted into two Sports Halls of Fame and received numerous certificates, plaques and awards for her involvement.  You can expect to find Marilyn in the crowd at many sporting events, she is a “super sports fan”. 

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Inductee 2019

Bill Mojelski

Bill Mojelski has been involved in Wetaskiwin sports and recreation as a coach, referee, volunteer and historian since he moved to Wetaskiwin in 1963 and began teaching at Wetaskiwin High School.  For fifty-six years he has spent hours volunteering his time and effort in our community.  Bill operates on the premise “if it isn’t recorded it didn’t happen” and to this end he has worked tirelessly documenting Wetaskiwin and Wetaskiwin County’s sporting history, producing two research documents, written the nomination materials and anecdotal notes for numerous teams and individuals and helped in developing the goals and directions for our board.  Bill’s contributions to our community make him more than worthy of this induction.

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Inductee 201

Al Clemmer

For the sixty years Al has lived in Alder Flats, he has been the unheralded volunteer, fund-raiser and go-to guy to get things done in his  community.   In that time he's been instrumental in building and maintaining recreational facilities, organizing activities, fundraising, and being an active participant in several activities.  He has left his mark in curling, hockey, rodeos, annual pack horse races, the Centennial Park, and Legion to name just a few of his contributions over the years.  What he started by helping his dad in 1957 with the building of a community hall expanded and continues to this day even though he is an octogenarian.

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Inductees 201

Charles (Chuck) Hebert

Chuck Hebert moved to Wetaskiwin in 1996 to teach high school Physical Education at Wetaskiwin Composite High School and to act as the school’s Athletic Director.  During Chuck's nineteen-year tenure at WCHS students/teams have won over twenty Provincial Championships.  Chuck himself was coach or assistant coach in five different sports and won fourteen Provincial Championships and twenty-five zone championships.  Chuck also founded the Wetaskiwin Minor Basketball Association.

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George Hunerfauth

George Hunerfauth immigrated to Canada from Switzerland when he was a young man.  After traveling across Canada he discovered a welcoming community in Wetaskiwin and settled here.  In 1967 he had a vision for a unique community enterprise - the Wetaskiwin North-Am International Snowmobile Race.  His vision became a reality in 1968 and within a few years of its inauguration the race attracted 20,00 spectators, was covered by national media and drew competitors from across Canada and the United States.

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Inductee 2016

Larry Ethier

When Larry moved to Wetaskiwin in 1970 to begin his teaching career, he was expected to coach boys volleyball.  Having no experience in the sport, Larry attended a volleyball coaching clinic and launched his twenty-three year coaching career which took him to eleven Provincial Championships, three appearances at Nationals, a National Bronze Medal and then eventually took him to Japan where he continued to have success.  Known as Coach "E" his methods were ahead of his time, he established a winning mentality, and instilling in his players the value of hard work, goal setting, a positive attitude, confidence, and belief in their abilities.

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Inductee 2015

Margaret Perry Flynn

Margaret Perry grew up in Wetaskiwin, started dancing at the age of four and had founded the Wetaskiwin School of Ballet by age eleven.  Her passion for dance has not only given her vast experience as a professional dancer, choreographer and trainer, it has garnered Margaret several awards and global recognition for her various levels of involvement. She founded several schools of dance, inspiring her graduates to become professional dancers and establish their own dance schools around the globe.  Her expertise and dedication included training other dance teachers, creating syllabi for recreational ballet that are utilized internationally,  and developing dance programs for all ages to expose them to dance at various levels.

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Inductee 2014

Bob Hartnell

Bob Hartnell is being recognized for his volunteer work in recreation and sport in Wetaskiwin.  Bob was chairman or a member of many recreation committees; was President or Governor of numerous sport or hockey related organizations and leagues; coached and/or managed many hockey teams; initiated many innovative programs and organized countless hockey activities.  Through his involvement Bob has made significant contributions to the citizens of our community.  The people of our community and especially the youth have benefitted immensely from the volunteer commitment of Bob Hartnell.

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Inductees 2013

Phillip William (Bill) Milnthorp - Builder

Bill Milnthorp has been dedicated to recreation and sport in the Wetaskiwin area for most of the 52 years that he has lived in Wetaskiwin.  He has served on many recreation committees,  organized many fund raising ventures, initiated some sporting activities, was Chairman or President of numerous sports-related organizations, coached teams in various sports and at many levels and through his varied and extensive involvement has made significant contributions to the citizens of our community. Bill’s involvement began in 1961 when he supervised and ran a Junior High football program on Saturday mornings.    In 1962 when Wetaskiwin opened a new arena... 

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Bill Bell-Bathgate - Builder

In 1952 the Wetaskiwin City Council set up the Wetaskiwin Recreation Commission and Bill Bell-Bathgate was hired in 1956.  He was 32 years old and held the position for twelve years.   Although he had no formal training he had been involved in sports in Wetaskiwin (coached hockey, refereed hockey, started a football team), knew there was a lot of sport talent in the city and had the leadership qualities necessary for the job. When Bill became the Recreation Director, the Kinsmen outdoor swimming pool had just opened, the city had approved money for improving the Recreation Hall and under Bill’s leadership the Recreation Commission took over...

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Inductee 2012

Albert Hoffman

One of the most ardent supporters of curling and horseshoes Albert made his mark in the sporting history of Wetaskiwin when his foresight, vigorous and dedicated volunteer hours were instrumental in established a new championship-sized curling rink in Wetaskiwin after fire crippled the former building.  He was also an accomplished competitor in horseshoes and established a strong club in Wetaskiwin.

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Inductee 2011

Elwood "Woody” Johnson

in 1994-1995 that Woody and a few local parents whose children were playing hockey rejuvenated the Winfield Hockey Program. They drafted a new set of bylaws and established more formal protocols and procedures.  The “Mighty Ducks” were born and many great things were about to happen to the small town of Winfield.  Besides coaching, Woody contributes by volunteering in the administration of the sport and is a driving force in major fundraising ventures for local hockey programs and facilities.  During his time as principal at the Winfield Elementary School, he always hosted a Track and Field Day.

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Inductees 2010

Jim Pelehos

Jim moved to Wetaskiwin in 1982 and at the time of his induction was 89 years of age and still going strong.  An extraordinary fundraiser and a driving force in establishing many successful projects, including the Hall of Fame.  Before living in Wetaskiwin Jim was involved with the Saskatoon Elk’s Hockey Club, the Humboldt Indians Junior Hockey Club, the New Westminster Royals Hockey Club, the Vancouver Minor Lacrosse Association, the New Westminster O’Keefe Lacrosse Club, the Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Club and the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Team.

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Bruce Rogers

Bruce spent countless hours as a coach and organizer in the minor sports of hockey and fastball.  Significantly, twenty-three of the young men that Bruce coached in minor hockey went on to play at a higher level, either junior, college or in the NHL.  Many men can attest to the positive influence that Bruce had on them as teenagers when Bruce was their coach in either hockey or fastball during the 1970’s and 1980’s.   That is a fine legacy and only one of the reasons he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

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Brian Brown

Brian Brown's contribution to sports, particularly fastball and hockey can be highlighted by several notable awards - Winner of Winter Olympic Coach Award, Alberta Amateur Softball Associations Award of Merit, Honorary Ironman Award.  Add his accolades as coach of several Gold Medal Championship teams and the recognition from his peers for  being chauffer, grounds keeper, co-coordinator, referee, umpire, organizer and the ultimate fan and you get but a brief description of a man dedicated to helping build sporting programs in this community.

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Inductee 2009


Len Roberts

Wetaskiwin's first swimming pool, a new arena, the formation of the North Central Alberta Intermediate Hockey League are just the beginning of the list of Len Roberts achievements.   He was instrumental in administration and coaching summer and winter minor sports.  He is fondly remembered for spending Saturdays with many teams.  Other coaches who had to work and could not be there could count on Len to fill in for them.  Len was a great promoter of sport for young people and provided leadership at several levels of sport in Wetaskiwin.  

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Inductee 2008

  George Stewart

George started coaching softball at Falun in 1970 and continued to do so for the next twenty five years.  Often the teams he coached had no league to play in.  Even so these teams from a small community were Provincial Champions, garnered seven Provincial titles and eleven runner-up awards.

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Inductee 2007


Ralph William Pocock

In 1947 Ralph Pocock became the driving force behind the formation of the Boys' Minor Hockey Association in Wetaskiwin and District and the system organized in those three years continues to this day.   Ralph’s life during those years was consumed with hockey and during that three year period participation in Wetaskiwin hockey almost quadrupled.

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Inductees 2006


Alistair "Al" Arner

Al received eleven recognition awards in his lifetime for his dedication to the community.  He coached teams in Wetaskiwin over three decades and is remembered by many for his "Lieutenant Arner Coaching Approach". 

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Norman E. Brown

Notable among Norm's many contribution to the sporting community is the introduction of T-Ball to Wetaskiwin and his coaching stint with the Sabres Football Team.  In  six years, the Sabres posted 46 wins, 0 losses, 3 ties, and five  consecutive league championships. Norm had never played football but achieved this record which, for a number of years, was a North American record.

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Clayton Monaghan

Clayton started with an idea ... on a school field full of dandelions and it grew from one team to over ten, involving over 200 athletes. to become one of the best fastball programs in Alberta producing thirty-nine Provincial Championship teams in a twenty year period.

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Rodney Schneck, another 2006 inductee who quarterbacked the Sabres’ football team for Norm Brown and played baseball for Al Arner, said of these sport builders:

  "They were my coaches, mentors and friends...the price for success is commitment. They loved to compete and win … to them you didn’t play to destroy your opponent... they coached with a imagination...had a keen sense of balance with sports and life.”





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