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Sport is a defining and dominant part of our social culture. 

To honour great men and women whose sporting deeds inspired and helped shape our community and its sporting spirit, the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates their performances and most memorable moments that made them champions in their sport and leaders in life.

Their sport and their passion enthuse us, form an integral chapter in our history, unite us,  and have been instrumental in developing the character of our community.


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The Hall of Fame honours the remarkable men and women of sport who contributed to the record of sporting achievements in the County and City of Wetaskiwin and who have displayed exceptional determination, commitment, and loyalty.

As fans, families, coaches, or mentors nothing excites us as much as the thrill of a sporting contest and the outstanding performances by the individuals who participate and challenge themselves to reach beyond our expectations.

Sport is an integral part of our culture, enthralling and entertaining. The intrinsic value of sport lies in the fact that we are able to recognize that at any given moment in our lives, we can share one cause, one thought, one love.  Sport unites us in entertainment, in achieving, in excelling, in changing attitudes, and developing the character of our community; it transcends the barriers of politics, language, or different backgrounds in the same way art, music and literature do.  Sport gives us heroes and villains, underdogs and favourites, as well as dreams both realized and broken.  The participants in sport inspire us and capture our hearts. Their contributions to the fabric of our society must be acknowledged.







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