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making a nomination:

1. Please check the list of current nominees or contact us to see if the person already has been nominated. It is not necessary to fill out a new nomination form for persons who already have been nominated in a previous year.

2. Read the criteria, outline below.

3. The official induction application contains a nomination form for each category of nomination.  Please ensure that you are using the appropriate nomination form, and follow the required format for submitting pertinent information.

The Nomination Criteria

The following is a brief outline of the nomination criteria:

Read or Print the official nomination/induction application for a detailed description of eligibility and restrictions.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Sports eligible for recognition will be those sports currently recognized by the Alberta Sport Council and those deemed eligible for recognition by the Board of the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.

To be eligible the individual must have resided at sometime in the City or in the County of Wetaskiwin during part of his/her sports career.

The Town of Millet and the Four Bands of Maskwacis are deemed within the County of Wetaskiwin and thus the residents are eligible for recognition.

The individual who moved away and achieved prominence in his/her sport career is eligible if the basic skill level was attained while a resident of the community and he/she maintains ties with the community.

An individual may not be inducted in more than one category in a given year.   For example, a member of a team or athlete being inducted would not be eligible as a builder in that year. 

Persons or teams that have achieved the following honours will receive full consideration for induction:

  1. Medal winners in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Student Games.

  2. Winners of Canadian Finals in sports having a large field of entry.

  3. Members of Provincial or National Halls of Fame

Nomination Procedures

Nominations may originate with an individual, club or association and must be signed by the nominator.

Nominations should be made using the appropriate nomination form and should include as much factual information as possible giving details of the accomplishments of the nominee.  Wherever possible, the accomplishments should be supported by documentary evidence.

Nomination of an individual should include a head and shoulders photograph. (minimum 5” x 7”).  Nomination of a team should include a photograph (minimum 5” x 7”) of the team.

If the nomination is successful, both the nominee and nominator will be informed by letter. In the case of an unsuccessful nomination, only the nominator will be notified.

Nominations will remain on file for five years.

Categories of Recognition

Category - Athlete

Athletes eligible for nomination include individuals  who have represented sport with distinction in competition, both in the City of Wetaskiwin and County, or whose example has brought notable credit to the sport and high respect for the individual.  Nominated athletes should have compiled an outstanding record which extends over a period of years in one or more sports.

Category - Builder

Nominees for Builder should have served sport for a period of years, although not necessarily consecutive.  The nominee should have demonstrated leadership abilities in service to any sport, sport group, or sport association in a position such as coach, manager, trainer, official, administrator, volunteer, facility/program developer, or a media member.

Category - Athlete Builder

Some individuals may qualify in both the athlete and builder categories and would then be inducted as an Athlete/Builder.  The eligibility would be the same as in the  athlete and builder categories.

Category - Team

Teams eligible for nomination in this category must have a minimum of seventy-five per cent (75%) of the same members over the period evaluated or induction.  The team should have achieved victories or have reached the ultimate level of achievement in their sport and / or attained championships of major significance such as Provincial, National, International, or a World Championship events. 

Category - Special Award

Nominations in the Special Award category applies to individuals, volunteers, donors, associations and organizations who have made outstanding and valuable contributions to the development or continuance of sport in the City of Wetaskiwin and / or the County of Wetaskiwin but do not qualify under the Athlete, Builder, or Team Category. 

Category - Achievement Sports Award

This award would be presented from time to time when an individual/s accomplishes a sporting feat that surpasses the normal accomplishments of the athletes.  It would be once in a lifetime accomplishments by an individual who has gone far beyond the normal achievement that is generally expected from any individual.  Examples might be someone who climbs a mountain, someone who wins a section of a bike marathon.

 PDF File - Official Nomination / Induction Application including Rules of Eligibility and Pertinent Restrictions

It is understood that the final selection process is the sole responsibility of the directors of the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame or their designates, and that they will verify that the nominee is eligible for nomination as outlined in the official criteria established.

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