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The growth of sport in our communities would be impossible if it were not for the volunteers, the special people, who serve on committees, assume administrative responsibilities, referee games, organize
tournaments, make travel arrangements, plan fundraising events,
maintain facilities, and work hard behind the scenes at sporting
events or games to support our athletes, teams, and coaches. 
All sporting groups and events depend on these individuals
or organizations.  Our volunteers deserve credit and rave
reviews for their distinguished contribution and unselfish
commitment to the development of sport.


2015 Inductee


David Hewko

An outstanding athlete who garnered MVP recognition in several sports Dave is being inducted for his volunteerism.  He started his volunteer career early, as a teenager he coached the Wetaskiwin Olympia Swim Team from 1972-1974.  He also coached the Wetaskiwin Kinsmen Kings Hockey Team in 1983-84.  As soon as Dave completed his chiropractic training in 1981 he put his expertise to work and volunteered to be the team chiropractor and assistant trainer for the Wetaskiwin High School Sabres Football Team, donating his time and knowledge to the them for an amazing 33 years.  He also contributes a considerable amount of time to other teams in the area.

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2012 Inductee

Bert Taylor

Bert Taylor is being recognized for his contributions and his involvement to the sporting community from two aspects. The first aspect is that of publisher - reporter - photographer with the Wetaskiwin Times from 1968 to 1985. The second aspect is that of a resident and volunteer in the city of Wetaskiwin where he chaired the Can Am Carnival.

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2011 Inductee


Vlad Brecka

Vlad Brecka was not just a one sport official.  When he moved to Wetaskiwin in 1966,  he began an officiating career that impacted the sports of basketball, fastball, slow pitch, football, hockey.  From 1969 to 1974 he coached High School basketball. In 1967, he was introduced by Jack Abram to the joys of umpiring fastball. He went from umpiring house league fastball to umpiring major men’s fastball (Car Capitals) and eventually to umpiring slow pitch. He also refereed basketball from 1974 to 1990 for the North Central High School League. This included zone playoffs and championship games. He also had the opportunity to referee basketball games for Camrose Concordia College.

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2009 Inductee


Evva MacKay

Evva is recognized for her unselfish commitment to Minor Hockey and Minor Fastball.  It started shortly after she moved to Wetaskiwin and Minor Hockey needed someone to serve as secretary. Ev agreed. Shortly after she was approached with another request - a secretary-treasurer was required for a new Midget Hockey League - and again, Ev agreed.  The role expanded very quickly and then she added Minor Fastball to the mix, as well as tournaments as well as tournaments and  well, the story is that she was one busy, but very unselfish lady. 

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2008 Inductee


Frank Lockhart

Frank came to Wetaskiwin in 1962 as a Physical Education teacher at the Wetaskiwin Composite High School. He taught and coached football, basketball, track and field, badminton and wrestling. From 1970 to the present Frank has spent much of his spare time coaching young people within the community or being involved with organizations that cater to young athletes. 

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2007 Inductee

  Vern Henry

Vern’s philosophy about coaching was simple “teach them the game so they can enjoy it, they will decide if they want to win or lose”.  For Vern it was all about the kids and it was about having fun.  Vern used to say, “If they didn’t have fun they wouldn’t stay, and then what would be the point of that?”  Vern wasn’t just a coach.  He cared about each and every one of his players and their personal well being.

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2006 Inductee

  Doris & Cec Colwell

Since 1953 the Colwell's have exemplified the meaning of unselfish commitment to our sporting world.  Their distinguished service is honoured as the first Inductees in The Special Awards Category.

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