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This following highlights the 2009 Inductees to the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame, officially welcomed as members in March 2009.

2009 Inductees

For biographical information and details on the sporting achievements of the inductees please click a picture below or the link to the "Full Story". 


Brenda Vergette - Wrist Wrestling/Arm Wrestling

During her thirteen year career, Brenda won eight World Championships, eleven Provincial titles, six Western Canadian titles, twenty Canadian National titles, five Canadian Open Championships, one Can-Am title and one Golden Bear Invitational Championship in Moscow, and was runner-Up thirteen times - in 182 weight classes  120 first place finishes;  40 seconds; 10 thirds and  6 fourths for a total of 176 times in the top four.

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Jerry Greene

Jerry was a dominant force on the Colonels Hockey team - named League All-Star Defenseman five consecutive times, voted the League’s Most Valuable player, and a team leader serving as captain for eleven years.   Described as the  “Home Town Hero” who embodies the true essence of sport in Wetaskiwin, Jerry played or coached eighteen championship teams in hockey and fastball and was also a driving force in the administration and organization of those same sports - president, manager,  fundraiser to name a few.

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Ron Emmerling

As an athlete Ron Emmerling was an avid golfer, curler, downhill skier, bowler and badminton player.  He focused on hockey and ball, even catching a game for the “legend”, Satchel Paige.  Behind the bench his coaching skills helped win several championships.  Beyond the bench he contributed immensely to sports in Wetaskiwin as  an organizer and instructor of hockey schools that benefitted many players and coaches, many from other communities.  He worked behind the scenes on various committees that influenced sport both in the community and in Alberta.

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Len Roberts

Wetaskiwin's first swimming pool, a new arena, the formation of the North Central Alberta Intermediate Hockey League are just the beginning of the list of Len Roberts achievements.   He was instrumental in administration and coaching summer and winter minor sports.  He is fondly remembered for spending Saturdays with many teams.  Other coaches who had to work and could not be there could count on Len to fill in for them.  Len was a great promoter of sport for young people and provided leadership at several levels of sport in Wetaskiwin.

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Evva MacKay

Evva is recognized for her unselfish commitment to Minor Hockey and Minor Fastball.  It started shortly after she moved to Wetaskiwin and Minor Hockey needed someone to serve as secretary. Ev agreed. Shortly after she was approached with another request - a secretary-treasurer was required for a new Midget Hockey League - and again, Ev agreed.  The role expanded very quickly and then she added Minor Fastball to the mix, as well as tournaments and  well, the story is that she was one busy, but very unselfish lady.

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Wetaskiwin High School 1956 Sabres Football Team

League champions - for five years the Sabres teams were undefeated in league, play-off and exhibition games and amassed a record of 46 wins, 3 ties and 0 losses - the 1956 team was so dominant that they scored a total of 404 points and had 34 points scored against them.  Supportive fans formed a cavalcade of cars to follow the team to games outside of Wetaskiwin.

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If know of a person or team whose achievements should be recognized please consider submitting a nomination to the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame. Read about criteria and the nomination process or get the nomination form by following this link.





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