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The Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame was launched in 2006.  The inductees into the Hall of Fame are listed alphabetically on this page.

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Please note that individuals who have been known by more than one surname may be listed under both.  Other given names or nicknames are provided for easier identification.

Did not find it? If you were searching for a particular person or team whose achievements should be recognized please consider nominating them to the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.  Read about criteria and the nomination process or get the nomination form by following this link.



Arner, Al (Allistair) - Builder

Anderson, Natalie, (Reimer Anderson) - Athlete, Volleyball

Bell-Bathgate, Bill - Builder

Biever, David - Athlete, Chuckwagon Racing

Bouchard, Justine - Athlete, Wrestling

Brecka, Vlad - Special Award

Bremner, Jerry - Athlete, Chuckwagon Racing

Brown,  Norman E,  (Norm) - Builder

Brown, Brian - Builder

Brown, Charlene Cole Brown - Athlete - Fastball Pitcher

Buskas, Rod  - Athlete, NHL Hockey

Chiddy, Norma Chiddy MacEachern  - Athlete, Track & Field

Cleland, Phyllis and Bob - Builder / Athlete

Clemmer, Al - Builder

Cole Brown, Charlene - Athlete, Fastball Pitcher

Colwell, Cec - Special Award

Colwell, Doris Hall Colwell - Special Award

Colwell, Doris & Cec  - Special Award

Dorchester, Garry - Athlete, Chuckwagon Racing

Dorchester, Tom - Athlete, Chuckwagon Racing

Dorchester, Dallas - Athlete, Chuckwagon Racing

Duggan, Carson  - Athlete, Hockey

Duncalfe, Don - Athlete - Football

Emmerling, Ron - Athlete Builder, Hockey, Baseball, Softball

Ethier, Larry - Builder, Volleyball

Flynn, Margaret Perry - Builder, Dance (Ballet)

Friesen, Sheila (Nee Gangopadhyay) - Athlete, Figure Skating

Fonteyne, Val - Athlete, NHL Hockey

Fonteyne, Rod - Athlete, Hockey

Gangopadhyay, Sheila Friesen - Athlete, Figure Skating

Grapentine, Murray - Athlete, Volleyball

Greene, Jerry  - Athlete Builder, Hockey, Fastball, Football

Greenwall, Valerie Greenwall Weldon - Athlete, Softball

Hall, Doris Hall Colwell - Special Award

Hardy, Patrick - Athlete, Football

Hartnell, Bob - Builder -  Hockey, Recreation Facilities

Hebert, Charles (Chuck) - Builder

Henry, Vern  - Special Award

Hewko, David - Special Award

Hodgson, Larry - Athlete, Hockey

Hoffman, Albert - Builder, Curling, Horseshoes

Hunker, Brad  - Athlete, Arm Wrestling

Hunerfauth, George - Builder

Jackson, Mark - Athlete, 5 pin Bowling

Jevne, Glen - Athlete, Fastball

Johnson, Elwood "Woody”  - Builder, Hockey, Fastball

Kirstein, Sandra Kirstein Wright - Athlete, Golf, Basketball, Swimming Diving, Curling

Kisio, Kelly - Athlete, NHL Hockey

Blain Kjorlien - Wrestling, Football

Kopp, Elvin - Athlete Builder

Littlechild, J. Wilton (Willie)  - Athlete Builder, Hockey, Swimming, Baseball, Triathlon

Lockhart, Frank  - Special Award

MacEachern, Norma Chiddy  - Athlete, Track and Field

MacEachern, Ross - Athlete Builder

MacKay, Evva - Special Award

Jack Manson - Hockey

Marker, August ’ Gus’  Solberg Marker - Athlete, Hockey

Milnthorp, Phillip William (Bill) - Builder

Bill Mojelski - Coach, Referee, Historian

Monaghan, Clayton - Builder

Nelson, Ken - Athlete Builder, Water Skiing

Pelehos, Jim - Builder

Perry, Margaret Flynn - Builder Dance (Ballet)

Pocock, Ralph William - Builder

Rattlesnake, Jimmy  - 'The Smilin' Rattler'  - Athlete, Baseball

Reimer Anderson, Natalie,  - Athlete, Volleyball

Roberts, Len  - Builder

Robertson, Earl Cooper ("Robbie") - Athlete, NHL Hockey

Rogers, Bruce - Builder

Sandahl, Al - Athlete-Builder

Schneck, Dr. Rodney - Athlete, Hockey

Siler, Don - Athlete, Football

Snedden, Marilyn - Builder

Sonnenberg, Martin - Athlete, Hockey

Stewart, George - Builder

Taylor, Bert - Special Award

Vergette, Brenda - Athlete, Arm Wrestling

Weldon, Valerie Greenwall Weldon - Athlete, Softball

Wright. Sandra Kirstein Wright - Athlete, Golf, Basketball, Swimming Diving, Curling

Wyness, Randy - Athlete, Wheelchair Basketball

York, Allen - Athlete, Hockey

Ziebarth, Gene - Athlete, Bowling



Avalanche Juvenile Men's Volleyball 1981

Brightview Huskies Fastball Team - 1940's

Colonels 1973-74

Falun Live Wires Ladies Softball

Falun Boys Fastball Teams, 1987 Bantam "A", 1988 Bantam “A”, 1990 Midget “A”

Icemen Junior B Hockey Team - 1991-92

Pigeon Lake Playboys Falun Juvenile Fastball Team 1968-69

Wetaskiwin Cubs Men's' Baseball Champs 1904

Wetaskiwin High School Sabres Senior Girls Volleyball Team 1990

Wetaskiwin High School Sabres Football 1956

Wetaskiwin Composite High School 1986 Sabres Football

Wetaskiwin Composite High School 2006 Sabres Football

Wetaskiwin Legion 86’s  Bantam A Hockey Teams
1986-87, 1987-88

Wetaskiwin Legion Bantam Fastball Team 1977

Wetaskiwin Sport Shop Junior Fastball Team 1975

Wetaskiwin Sport Shop Midget Fastball Team 1979

Wetaskiwin Warlords - 1998  Special Olympics Slo-Pitch Team






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